Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Safari Season

Most companies have seasons- even those that are business or corporate related. In some parts of the year they do better than in other parts of the year. The safari season is a divers thing; especially considering where you operate.
C4 Images and Safaris started out in Southern Africa, which has a defined safari season, but now, as we have expanded into Africa and beyond, the seasons have merged and the whole year is becoming safari time! That’s fine with us, because there is nothing more we enjoy than being” out there”.

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In years previous, our season was mainly form March through to November, with the quiet months over the Christmas/new year’s period. Now though, with demands for photographic safaris in different parts of Africa and our expansion into full time operation in east Africa, the whole year has become one season. It’s a sure sign that photo safaris are becoming more and more popular as a travel alternative, especially as another option to the normal nature safari.

So we began 2009 with our first photo workshop in March and from there we have already been busy with photo trips to other parts of Africa. We would normally be finished with the season in December, but this year we are pushing through, and will be taking trips in January, February and March in 2010! Nothing can be more pleasurable for us, and I’m sure that you will also enjoy the new variety of photo tours that we are leading through these times. Its not about running more tours, to us its about making more opportunities for great photos in excellent locations. That is what we are all about. Watch this space for more information on our new photo safaris and photo workshops.

nature safari, photo safaris, photo workshops, photographic safari