Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Masai Mara Seasons Best, 2015

C4 Photo Safaris has over 13 years of experience in the Maasai Mara, hence why we take the utmost pride in sharing this wilderness wonderland with our valued clients, nature lovers and co wildlife photographers.

2015 did not disappoint, from season start to finish our clients where entertained by action packed game drives and endless scenic landscapes. This year saw the wildebeest migration herd numbers at its best, along with a huge number of hungry predators that naturally followed the herds in pursuit. To add to the abundance of life, new life was in plenty too with sightings of leopard, lion and cheetah cubs almost every day. 
The Maasai Mara at this time of year is one of nature’s greatest spectacles; thus being why travellers from around the globe have dubbed it ‘the greatest show on earth’. This year C4 Photo Safaris sent a total of 8 photographic guides to the Mara to host and guide our clients, here is a collection of images from Shem Compion, Isak Pretorius, Andre Cloete, Heinrich Van den Berg, Albie Venter, Kyle de Nobrega and RuthNussbaum.
The Masai Mara dates for 2016 are up, so make sure you book your seat to "the greatest show on earth".


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18 - 25 September 2016                                                      3 - 10 September 2016
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Monday, October 12, 2015

Mashatu Workshop, Sept 2015 - By Trevor Kleyn

Yet another successful photographic workshop hosted at the prime wildlife destination, Mashatu Game Reserve. The C4 Photo Safaris group where hosted at the beautiful Tent Camp by photo guide Trevor Kleyn. Here are a few of Trevor’s shots from the workshop:


Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Season End: Masai Mara 2015

Much to our groups dismay, 7 days in paradise flew by in no time at all. This may have been due to the fact that every single game drive was filled with some sort of action packed wilderness theatre.

To start off the string off exciting events that where to follow our arrival, we were treated to an aerial crossing of about 3000 wildebeest bounding their way through the Talek River. To say the least, the sighting really set the tone for the rest of the trip. Some of our highlights over the next 7 days included:

·         Viewing the famous cheetah Malaika and her three, 12 week old cubs.
·         Watching a female Cheetah kill a Thompson’s gazelle from start to finish, folloed by her 3 tiny cubs practising the art of hunting
·         Lions, lions, and more lions, seen around every bush and on every single game drive
·         4 Wildebeest crossings
·         3 fantastic sightings of Lorian the leopard and her 2 month old cub playing out in the open, of which all 3 sightings where almost exclusively enjoyed by just our 3 vehicles
·         The endless skies and stormy breathtaking sunsets, that seemed to improve by the day
·          Viewing a relaxed bat-eared fox out in the open plains.
·         On our last morning witnessing a clan of 16 Hyena taking down a young wildebeest.
·         Hundreds and hundreds of animals dotted throughout the open plains of the Mara.
·         The incredible and friendly staff of Entim Camp
·         Traditional Masai song and dance around a campfire on our last night
·         Mostly, the fantastic group of clients that we had the privilege of guiding in this magic destination
To top off the incredible time we had whilst on game drive we were always welcomed home to the friendly faces of Entim Camp. With the private camp to our selves we spent our afternoons editing images, sharing stories and just relaxing to the chorus of birds around camp.
The following is a selection of images from the trips photo guides, Shem Compion, Andre Cloete, Kyle de Nobrega and Ruth Nussbaum: