Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Leopard and Porcupine Interaction Video

Wildlife sightings are what make a good photo workshop. This is the one reason why we use Mashatu as a venue for our workshops. It is a 32000ha wilderness that holds some excellent wildlife viewing in an open landscape- making photography that much easier, and the ultimate results better.

This proved the case over the last workshop held on the 30 April – 4 May.

A dead Leadwood tree lying in the Mojale River was the focus off attention in the late afternoon sunlight. For on top of it, perched in the most regal of poses, sat a young 2-year old leopard. This young male is as good looking as leopards come and as relaxed as you will find anywhere.
We were busy photographing this perfect set up, when behind us I noticed a porcupine walking in the riverbed. It too, caught the leopard’s attention…
I won’t say much more, because the video below, taken by one of our clients, Guy Larin, shows some incredible interaction between the leopard and the Porcupine. This video was taken with a Canon 5DmarkII attached to a 100-400mm lens and shows the excellent quality of theses new video features that are on the more recent cameras. So do have a look!

How did it end? Both went happily on their own way, just as we did, although I believe we were more excited than the animals.
It again proves the value of the photo workshops- using a dedicated photographic safari company like C4 Images and Safaris’; you get to the best venues with the best photographers to make the best images.

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