Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Masai Mara Predator Experinece

On our recent Masai Mara predator safari our group was lucky enough to experience a once in a lifetime occurrence. A cheetah jumped onto their vehicle to scan the area for prey while the photographer were inside! 5 Years ago there was a cheetah in the Mara that use to to this regularly, she unfortunately died and occurrences like this have become very rare. It happened very close to the camp we use in the Mara, Entim. This is definitely something everyone will remember for many years to come.


Markie said...

Wonderful!! I bet some people had to change lens very quickly :) The cheetah seems completely oblivious to all the excitement. How long did she remain on the car?

Africa Unlocked said...

Not only lenses but some people also nearly had to change underpants. It was a great sighting and one of the most exciting of my entire guiding career. Certainly wont be forgotten. Albie