Tuesday, May 20, 2014

An update on the relocated Cheetah with the C4 Images and Safaris collar

In a previous blog post of ours on the Relocation of Cheetah with C4 Images and Safaris collar” C4 Images and Safaris received a call to place the collar on a wild female cheetah which was found roaming on farmland in the North West Province. Conservation authorities believed the cheetah to be in danger and she was relocated to Pilanesberg to bolster the existing cheetah population in the reserve.

The GPS collar enables monitoring of her 4 times a day and capture good data on her progress within the park. Since the relocation of the cheetah, she has been exploring the park mainly in the central part of the lake area in the valley grasslands. This great news as the valleys are located very close to roads and this may count in her favour as it may boast to friendly tourist behaviour and with her habituation in whole.

 A map of the areas she has been roaming in, tracked via the GPS collar.

We couldn't be more exhilarated about the great progress she has been making and we couldn't be more humble by the fact that C4 Images and Safaris could be part of this great opportunity to help and support Wildlife conservation. We will be keeping a close eye on her and update on her progress.

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