Tuesday, December 9, 2014

C4 Valley Hide

It’s been an impressive start to the establishment of our newest hide edition on Mashatu Game Reserve, The Valley Hide.  The hide has been created using the same design principles as the existing Matabole Hide, which has served many photographers in capturing the renowned low angle intimate shots the hide is known for.
The Valley Hide is no different, and in its first few weeks of operation has proved to be a very active little waterhole drawing a variety of species to the hide. The visitors include; multiple visits from the valley’s resident leopard, giraffe, zebra, jackal, hyena, steenbok, impala, eland, warthog and of course a variety of bird species.
We look forward to witnessing the Valley Hides first full year in the bush, and capturing and sharing the cycle of visitors the waterhole attracts to it.

Drinking giraffe close up

Golden Breasted Bunting

Glossy Starling


Female Namaqua Sandgrouse

The local leopard, giraffe and dove

Female leopard sussing out the new waterhole

Having a drink

A pair of zebra drinking

Hyena and giraffe sharing a drink together

Spotted hyena

Impala reflection

Black Backed Jackal scoping out the hide for the first time

View from inside the Valley Hide

Elephant enjoying a splash around

Adding a bit of natural shape to our waterhole

New life at the waterhole

Photographers at work/play

Text by: Ruth Nussbaum
Photographs by: Trevor Kleyn, Kyle de Nobrega and Ruth Nussbaum

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