Friday, February 6, 2015

Leopard Encounter at the C4 Valley Hide

The privilege of spending hours each day out in the field observing and photographing wildlife is something that cannot really compare to anything else for us.
Throughout all the years there will always be moments that are more vivid in your memory and others almost forgotten completely. Certain experiences stand out more so than others and every now and then, you get very lucky with something phenomenal.
This particular afternoon we set out to go and have a look on the new Valley Hide. On our way to the hide we spotted a relatively young female leopard who was a little skittish and was headed in the direction of the hide. After seeing tracks on many occasions of a female leopard that had come down to the waterhole for a drink, we where certain that she was going to go for a drink.
We quickly got into the hide and set up beanbags and pillows as a small barrier to block our presence and waited for almost an hour before we saw her strolling along towards us over the horizon.
This truly was a moment that got the adrenaline pumping. Words cannot describe the feeling one has when being in the presence of a leopard that is so close to you and so curious, so hopefully the video speaks for itself in how beautiful and rare this moment was.

Leopard Encounter

Text by: Kyle de Nobrega

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