Monday, July 6, 2015

Getaway Gallery winner of 2014

The Getaway magazine hosts their photo competition each year and thousands of extraordinary images gets submitted for the competition. C4 Photo Safaris was the proud sponsor for the main prize, a trip to the Great Masai Mara!


The Masai Mara is a place where wildlife meets conflict: in its millions. The migration is a constant dynamic. But at one point during the cycle, a major obstacle stands in the way of the momentum. At first it causes a stutter and a pause, but then the surge comes, and millions of animals cross the Mara River in one of the most spectacular wildlife scenes on earth. C4 Photo Safaris have reserved a small, intimate and private camp in the heart of the action in perhaps the best time of year to see this phenomenon.

And as with each year the Getaway judges has the difficult task to choose the finalists in each category and the over all winner. As they stated "The standard of finalists was as high as expected, and narrowing 88 beautiful images down to ten, then three, then one, was impossibly hard."  But a decision was to be made and Mark Chittenden, Tyrone Mckendry and Alexandre Novitske for nabbing the top three positions. with Mark Chittenden as the overall winner with his striking shot named: ‘Under the Stars’.

 First Place: Mark Chittenden with ‘Under the Stars’.

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