Friday, August 14, 2015

C4 Photo Vehicle Experience, Part 1 - By Kyle de Nobrega

Just a few days back Mashatu resident photographer Kyle de Nobrega hosted guests on the C4 photo vehicle for an awesome four day experience.

The four days where jam packed with world class sightings and photographic opportunity. Everything from mating lions, new born hyena relocation, multiple leopard sightings and two great mornings spent in the C4 hides including birds and elephants galore.

Here is part one of a two part series of images by Kyle taken over the four days spent on the C4 photo vehicle:

Mating lions

Male lion yawns in exhaustion

Cape Turtle Dove in flight at the Valley Hide

Elephants channelling through the valley at dusk

A young calf keeping up with the herd during their daily migrations through the bushveld

Pro photographers, Theresa and Willem enjoying the ease and comfort of the C4 Photo Vehicle 

A typical Mashatu sighting of a leopard in a Mashatu Tree

Blue Waxbill at the Matabole Hide

Getting up close at the Matabole Hide

Meyers Parrot feeding on the fruit of the Malpitte

One of the highlights from the four days, spending some quality time with a relaxed leopard

Zebra at the Valley Hide

At the end of every day we got to enjoy a sunset like this

Tumelo the hyena getting very comfortable in the shade of the photo vehicle

Photographs By: Kyle de Nobrega


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