Monday, March 16, 2009

The Firts of our 2009 Photo Workshops

The Photo workshop season is about to start- and I for one am quite excited. News from Mashatu is that good rains have fallen and the reserve is green with fresh leaves and new growth. Of course the yellow devils thorn flowers should be out- and they are always a great attraction for us photographers. I am still waiting to get an image of a warthog or steenbuck feeding deep in a carpet of yellow and green flowers. This photo workshop is the best season to get that, so I’m holding thumbs.

Of course, these palatable flowers also attract the elephants, in numbers of up to a hundred animals in a herd. Mashatu offers such contrasts in seasons. In August we photographed the elephants in dust and brown soil- now we expect to see them in a swath of green and yellow.

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Lastly: cheetah. The impala young are still small and the herds are attracted to the fresh green flowers. This in turn attracts the cheetahs, which make short work of impala young- this makes for very exciting sightings and photography. C4 Images and Safaris have been to Mashatu for the last three years in the month of March and every time delivered good cheetah sightings.

So it promises to be a thrilling Photo Workshop. I for one am very excited for this, the first workshop of the year (I missed the last two workshops of 2008…). To see more about our photo workshops, check here.

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