Thursday, February 5, 2009

Spreading Our Wings

Wildlife photography is something wonderful. It teaches you a specific discipline within a certain field, but it also opens up a whole new world to the photographer. C4 Images and Safaris have, until now, operated only within Africa and one of its islands, Madagascar. This is because our speciality is African wildlife and nature- all our guides are excellent and Professional Photographers, but also trained conservationists who have been active in the wildlife industry for a number of years.


This ensures that you, the client, receives the best Photography Tutoring as well as nature guiding- and as any Professional Nature Photographer will tell you, “A Nature Photographer is foremost a naturalist, and secondly a photographer”. You will see that most top Wildlife Photographers are trained in the biological sciences- Its not an absolute, but it’s definitely a common thread.

So we have become specialists in our fields here in Africa. But the photography industry is a vibrant and interesting group of individuals. With wildlife and photography being a common thread, photographers keenly discuss photography and wildlife “hotspots” around the world and soon exotic destinations like the Galapagos, the Antarctic, Madagascar and Japan become dream travel destinations for the photographer.
C4 Images and Safaris
’ realise this as a common need, and so, in conjunction with good colleague and professional Japanese wildlife photographer, Go Yamagata, we have spread our wings into the northern hemisphere to the country of Japan.

This will be our first tour out of the continent of Africa and it proves to be a very exciting one!
Hokkaido, an island just north of Japan offers migrating birds, cranes, storks and swans a place of refuge from the harsh Russian winter. The images of them walking on the frozen lakes amongst rising mist always provide for stunning photography- as indicated by the fact that images from here almost always end up in top wildlife competitions. Then there are the Japanese Macaques, or snow monkeys that come from the forests to relax in the heated pools- the most endearing image of Japanese wildlife.


We are also breaking in new tours to great destinations in Africa. Zambia’s south Luangwa valley and the tour to the Serengeti and Ngorongoro in the calving season are new tours that we are now running. These are both excellent wildlife areas with brilliant wildlife viewing. You can see more about the tours on the C4 Images and Safaris website.
We don’t rest on our laurels here at C4 Images and Safaris. We constantly strive to produce tours that provide the best Wildlife Photography in the most productive wildlife areas. If it means we have to go north to Japan, we will do so…!
Keep an ear out for more destinations. You might still here about the Antarctic from us!

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