Friday, January 30, 2009

Supporting Your Photography

C4 Images and Safaris have just returned from a very successful photo safari to the Masai Mara and Lake Nakuru. Again, excellent sightings were had and time was spent at sightings carefully making sure we got the best angles as well as watching the animals’ behaviour to make sure that we captured the best images when the animals were doing things. As per normal, the Mara was in fine form. Large cats greeted us every day and we managed to see 5 different leopard, a species that the area is not that well known for. Nevertheless, we made sure we got our value of these special cats.

One sighting remains very special. We were watching a leopard eating a wildebeest in a sausage tree, which, typically was standing alone over an open plain. Well hidden, this large male did not offer a clear view for photos, but we sat and enjoyed the sighting. Then, just as the sun was dipping towards the horizon, the leopard stretched, got up and walked to an outer branch. Plonked himself down and started grooming himself. We rolled the vehicle down the slope and were right at eye level to the cat. Some patience had really paid off and we were now facing this cat at eye level, watching him lick and groom himself. Wildlife photography at its best!

What this blog is about though, are the supports and brackets that C4 Images and Safaris provide our clients to mount their lenses onto- making your wildlife photography that much more easier and better.
Good wildlife photo technique dictates that support is essential. Beanbags are great as support, but panning and rotating a large lens is difficult on a beanbag. For pure panning smoothness and quick horizontal-portrait changes a proper tripod mount is needed, preferably fixed to a solid platform so that you have stability, which is critical for image sharpness. Thus we provide a variety of clamps and vertical and horizontal mounted brackets to cater for all events when on safari. Of course the ever-useful beanbags always come in handy, especially when photographing from low down on the ground or from tricky positions in the game drive vehicle.
See the photos attached for examples of how our brackets work.

This is just another aspect of coming on a photo safari with C4 Images and Safaris. We provide you with the support so that you can relax, enjoy and concentrate on taking excellent wildlife photographs.

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