Friday, January 16, 2009

A Wet and Dry Season

In discussing climate, you might have noticed that we refer to our seasons as the wet /rainy season or the dry season. Well that’s is because it is really like that. I write this to eliminate confusion about the winter and summer syndrome we talk about here in Southern Africa. You will notice on the C4 Images and Safaris website, that we do talk of summer and winter, but this is to be in line with our northern hemisphere neighbours!

Simply, it is like this.

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Southern Africa for the most part (except for the Southern Cape of South Africa), experiences two seasons: A cool dry season and a hot, wet season.
From October –April, conditions are generally hot, humid- bringing the rain. From May- September, it is a cooler, drier season, showing the classic brown, dusty colours typical of Africa.
How does that affect your Photography? Well, the rainy season brings the migratory birds, courtship behaviour, young animals, thunderstorms and the beautiful green colours of the African bush.
Dry season? Well this is prime time for action at waterholes… Predators, dust, large herds congregating and drinking, open plains and the sun setting as a red orb in the sky.
Which season is best? That is open to debate- but wouldn’t you love to have the choice of both? Well you do of course- see our Photo Safaris – always in the right season for the best Photography.

photo safaris, photography, central kalahari, c4 images and safaris

When would you like to go on safari here- Wet or dry season? I think the images answer the questions! Central Kalahari- Deception valley, wet season paradise.

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