Thursday, January 22, 2009

Photo Workshops

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As you might have gathered over the last few posts, C4 Images and Safaris advocate Photography Workshops as the best way to Improve your photography. Well, those and Photo Courses, and this was in no fuller illustrated over the last three weeks.

C4 Images and Safaris was contracted to present wildlife photography workshops at a “large” event. 18 days, 10 workshops, hundreds of photographs later and we were done- literally! Working with delegates every day, showing them how to take better images and what makes a good photograph can be taxing.
However, getting out into Pilanesberg National Park for four hours every day to take photographs (on the practical sessions) makes it all worthwhile.

Many of the delegates had never been to Africa, most had never had a 300mm lens in their hands and most had definitely not had a bull elephant 3 meters in front of their vehicle whilst taking photographs! At times like these, the courses were a joy.
The number of workshops might have been taxing, but there are two things that we love more than anything else.
1. Being out in Nature
2. Seeing our clients witnessing an excellent sighting and the cameras clicking away.
Which is exactly what we had each day- and that is what gives you the energy to keep going, seeing the thrill and excitement on peoples faces when they return from a game drive, happy from being ‘out there’ and with memory cards full! And of course, the fact that the delegates have taken their photographs from ‘happy snaps’ to images that have considered composition, worked with light as well as having worked their angles. For C4 Images and Safaris, that is what it is all about!

improve your photography, photo courses, photography workshops, wildlife photography workshops

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