Monday, March 5, 2012

Art Wolfe in South Africa

"Art Wolfe’s photographs are a superb evocation of some of the most breathtaking spectacles in the world.” — Sir David Attenborough

For over 30 years, Art Wolfe has photographed on every continent. He has authored over 65 books, each full of outstanding images. He is one of the world's greatest pictorial story tellers, Intermingling artistic and journalistic styles to create his signature images, his photography captivates the viewer. He has transformed his photography into an art form.

Magazines all over the world publish his images and pictorial stories. He is at ease in the world of television production and his acclaimed 13-episode Travels to the Edge is a stunning production. It will remain a significant part of his remarkable legacy of work.

Everyone one viewing Wolfe's evocative images has their mind captured. He stands alone in terms of sustained brilliance in photography. His passion generates its own energy. His teaching is infectious.
People are eager to learn from him and come away absolutely inspired, eager to try his unique approaches and compositional styles in their own photography.

He is a master teacher, an artist and one of the finest photographers alive today. He is coming to speak in South Africa, for the first time. This legendary photographer will be presenting seminars and photo workshops in Johannesburg and Cape Town, South Africa. It is the first time Art Wolfe will present his work in South Africa.

4 April - Johannesburg Gallagher Estate, 09h00 – 16h00. R1300 per person
6 April – Cape Town, Mutual Park 09h00 – 16h00. R1300 per person
8 – 11 April 2012. Arniston Bay Hotel. R13500pp sharing. All inclusive photo workshop.
11-14 April 2012. Arniston Bay Hotel. R13500pp sharing. All inclusive photo workshop.

Details of the content and the one day seminars and 4 day photo workshops can be seen via these links.

"Art has the broadest range of excellence of any nature photographer I know.” -- Galen Rowell

Join C4 Images and Safaris with Art Wolfe in South Africa for this once in a lifetime opportunity to learn from one of the great masters of photography.

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