Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Serengeti Trip report - By Albie Venter

After our very eventful predator Safari in the Mara we hopped across the border into Tanzania to go and catch up with the Migration which we met in the Seronera region. It really doesn’t matter how many times one has seen this spectacle it still remains an incredible sight.

After the migration it was across to the shortgrass plains and woodlands of Ndutu where the predators put up a spectacular show for us. From the first evening being kept awake by lions roaring though camp to the last morning following four playfull cheetah cubs the action never stopped. Highlights included a female Cheetah killing a Thompson’s gazelle in full view of everyone with four cubs in tow while for me sighting such as Golden Jackal (regular in the Serengeti) and a remarkably relaxed Striped Hyena mom and cub at a den was real treats.


Loretta said...

Stunning images!! Absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sahring.

African safari said...

I agree, beautiful photos!