Sunday, September 14, 2014

Month of the Mud Bath

To the wildlife of Mashatu yesterday was just another day in their lives. To me, it was the best day spent in the underground hide I have experienced thus far. As temperatures have begun soaring into the 30’s, the wildlife on Mashatu Game Reserve have had to adapt and make some changes to their everyday routines. These changes are bringing life to the waterhole of the C4 Underground Elephant Hide like never before. Hundreds of elephants have been pulling in from afar not only for a quick drink but also a mud bath. Alongside the elephants we have impala, warthog, kudu, eland, monkey’s and not to mention the birdlife – all co-existing together in harmony...for a change!
Here are a series of images from our jammed packed morning of hide activity, hope you enjoy pictures as much as we enjoyed our morning!
First herd of the morning arriving in full force

Shortly after the elephants arrived the impala
Impala, followed by the vervet monkey's
As the herd sizes continued to grow the elephants squashed around the waterhole for a drink, getting closer and closer to the photographers
One elephant taking its first steps into the water while the other socialises with the impala
Time to get serious, as the elephants begin covering themselves in muddy water the photographers in the hide start dodging the sprays
A warthog decides to join in
A young calf also getting involved
...And the fun continues
Finally, finishing up the pamper session with a layer of dry clay soil
Hundreds of photo's later, one muddy t-shirt and our mud bath mania morning was complete!

By Ruth Nussbaum




Brice Petit said...

Hey it's me on the last photo in the back! What an amaizing souvenir! A dream in my life came true. Getting so close of these gentle giants was a unique experience!!!I spent a lot of time in hides and into the wild but it's the forst time I feel so strong emotions.
Thanks to Kyle and Ruth for the hard work they achieve their to make this possible!

Shem Compion said...

Thanks Brice! It was a truly spectacular morning - so happy we could share the occasion with a true lover of the beautiful African wilderness! Ruth