Thursday, September 11, 2014

Reflection by Heinrich van den Berg

 "This is not just a book of wildlife. It is a book of thoughts, reflection and candid philosophy."

Heinrich van den Berg is a full-time wildlife photographer and has travelled the world photographing wildlife and culture with a uniquely artistic eye. Van den Bergs photographs are known for breaking boundaries and depicting the natural world in a fresh and evocative way, proven by the numerous awards and publications his photographs has received.

Being one of C4 Images & Safaris' most experience guides, it comes to no surprise that some of the Photographs featured in the book Reflection was taken on Safari to places as beautiful as Mashatu and the Underground Hide.

I urge you to take a moment to click on this page and watch the video on his new book. It will expose you to one of South Africa's creative geniuses in the photography book world. Heinrich is currently the only photographer in SA that takes great concepts and turns them into stunning books full of excellent images and worthy words. Some beautiful examples featured in the book Reflection.


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ryan green said...

Looks like another great book by Heinrich! I have just ordered a copy.
Thanks for sharing, Shem!