Wednesday, September 10, 2014

True Wilderness in Laikipia

With 1 million hectors of true wilderness heaven, one can only imagine the masses of wildlife that roam the landscape of Laikipia. Laikipia situated in Northern Kenya is the eco tone between East African Savannah and the Chalbi Dessert, thus creating a unique environment ideal for wildlife to thrive in. With the combination of large open plains, wooded landscapes and huge granite protrusions one is spoilt with a diverse array of landscapes.

The Beautiful Wilderness of Laikipia

The endangered African Wild Dog

Apart from the breath taking landscapes of Laikipia, it is most famed for having the largest population of the endangered African Wild Dog. The African Wilds Dog of Laikipia has thrived in the area for decades thus making for an intimate viewing experience, ideal for photographers. Apart from Wild Dog Laikipia is home to a variety of predators large and small as well as the incredible rare striped hyena.

A wild dog hunt begins
The prey moves to the water
The dogs follow
The rare Striped Hyena

If having an in depth and intermit wilderness experience is the form of travel you prefer, a trip to Laikipia should be on your bucket list. We have timed our trips to fall over January as this is the time of year one can intimately experience wild dog interaction with their pups. Food is also rife during this time of year making for plenty of jam packed action filled game viewing.
Intimate wild dog viewing at Laikipia
African Wild Dog on the prowl at Laikipia


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Photographs by: Albie Venter and Annabelle Carey
Text by: Ruth Nussbaum

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